Seals & Weatherstripping

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Scout II, Terra & Traveler Weatherstripping

395310C2, Top to Rear Quarter Panel Seal (Left) for Scout II, you will need to order an extra seal if you have a Traveler and splice a piece in.  $26ea.

395311C2, Top to Rear Quarter Seal (Right) for Scout II, you will need to order an extra seal if you have a Traveler and splice a piece in.  $26ea.

395910C2, Scout II Liftgate Window Seal, $70ea

452085C2, Top to Windshield Frame Seal. For all Scout II, Terra & Traveler. $62ea.

395952C3, Bottom of Liftgate Seal, For all Scout II,  $71ea

575241C1, Scout Traveler Fiberglass Liftgate Opening Seal, $80ea

499467C1, Windshield Seal for all Scout II, Terra & Traveler. This product is self locking and no chrome strip.  $82ea.

SP26111, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Door Seals, Fits Left or Right.  $34ea

SP26112ALL, Scout II,  Rear Liftgate/Tailgate Opening, both sides around top & across bottom of tailgate. $40ea

465868-9C8524 Scout Terra Fiberglass Top Seal Kit,  $120kit

341689C1, Fuel Filler Tube Seal, Small Hole, Early Scout II,  $24ea

489615C1, Fuel Filler Tube Seal, Large Hole, Late Scout II,  $24ea

  431600C1, Automatic Transmission Shift Boot Seal, Scout II,  $36ea

487122C1, Transfer Case Shifter Boot Seal, Scout II, 1978 & UP,  $36ea

395690C2, Transfer Case Shifter Boot Seal, Scout II, 1978 & DOWN,  $36ea

481437C1, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Door Window Seals, Requires 2 Per Door.  $17ea

IT270R, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Door Window Seals, Requires 2 Per Door. Has an extra fold down lip compared to the felts above.  $22ea



Scout 80 & 800 Weatherstripping

27296, Upper Door Seal for all Scout 80/800 will work Left or Right,  $38ea

8341-42, 1961-71, Scout Door Seals

997128R1 Scout 80 800 Lower Door Seal,  $26ea

382942C1 Scout 80 800 Side Glass & Rear Window Lift Gate Seal,  $42ea

266310C2, Scout 80/800 Windshield Seal,  $85ea

8174-342, 1961-65 Scout 80, Tailgate Hatch Seal

684445R9265 Scout 80 800 Door Fuzzies Kit, Does Both Doors,  $89kit


1969~75 IH P/U & T/A, D Series Weatherstripping 

341638C2, 1969-75 P/U & T/A Windshield Seal, $82ea


1961~68 IH P/U & T/A, C Series Weatherstripping

   990093 1961-68 P/U & T/A Inside Cab Seal, 2 sets required for Travelette & Travelall,  $85kit

8146-11, 1961-68 Door Seals, $79kit

8296-306, 1961-68 Hood to Cowl Seal,  $29ea

8303-335, 1961-68 TA Pillar Seal,  $29pr

990094 1961-68 P/U & T/A Windshield Gasket,  $95ea

990095 1961-68 P/U Window Channel, Required for 2 Front Doors,  $89kit

990096 1961-68 Travelall & Travelette Window Channel, Required for 2 back doors,  $169kit

990097 1961-68 P/U Belt Weatherstrips, For Front Doors,  $69kit

990098 1961-68 T/A Belt Weatherstrips, For Rear Doors,  $69kit

1957~60 IH P/U & T/A, A & B Series Weatherstripping

990087, Door & Cab Weatherstrip,  $89kit

990088, Window Channel,  $96kit

990089, Belt Weatherstripping,  $76kit

990090, Windshield Gasket,  $95ea

990111, Rear Window Gasket,  $59ea

1955~56 IH P/U & T/A, S Series Weatherstripping


1953~54 IH P/U & T/A, R Series Weatherstripping


1950~52 IH P/U & T/A, L Series Weatherstripping


1940~49 IH P/U &  Panel, K & KB Series Weatherstripping

990051 KB1~12 Cowl Seal,  $27ea

990055 K & KB Windshield Seal,  $

8239-327, 1937-49 Door Seal

990057 K & KB Cowl Vent Seal,  $

990050 K & KB Hood Bumper Kit,  $

990060 K & KB Under Seat Fuel Grommet,  $

GF36 K & KB Cab Fuel Grommet,  $

1937~40 IH P/U &  Panel, D Series Weatherstripping

  8239-327, 1937-49 Door Seal

Rubber Boots


434913A (IH #398296C1) Clutch Rod Seal (Boot) or Parking Brake Cable Boot used on Scout II, Terra, Traveler (built prior to 10-12-77) and 1969-75 Pickups & Travelalls. Holes may have to be drill to mount this product.  $22ea.

  862281R1, Twin Stick Shifter Seal/Boot, Scout 80/800,  $32ea



Rubber Gaskets

48559HG, Side Marker Light Housing Gasket,  Scout II & 1969-75 P/U & T/A, $3ea

48559LG, Side Marker Light, Lens Gasket, Scout II & 1969-75 P/U & T/A, $3ea

Door Glass Seals & Fuzzies

286636C91, 1969-75 P/U & T/A Door Window Seal (requires 2 per door) $21ea

481437C1, Door Window Glass Seal (felts) For Scout II, Terra & Traveler. Requires 2 per door.  $17ea.

481437C1, Scout II, Door Window Glass Seal (close up)

Wiper Blades

5113, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Wiper Blades.  $13ea.

Rubber Bumpers

162212R1, NOS Cupped Rubber Bumper, used for Headliner Support, Rear Licence Plate Bracket & Clutch Pedal Stop on ALL Scout 80/800, Scout II, P/U & T/A 1961-80,  $7ea

193176R1, NOS Domed Rubber Bumper, Cargostar Glove Box Stop,  $7ea

233470R91, NOS Domed Rubber Bumper, Hood Stop, Scout II, Terra & Traveler, $9ea