Transmission, Clutch, Transfer Case

Scout 80 & 800 Weatherstripping

  27296, Upper Door Seal for all Scout 80/800 will work Left or Right,  $38ea

997128R1, Lower Door Seal for all Scout 80/800 will work Left or Right  $26ea

  8341-42, 1961-71 Scout 80/800 Door Seal Kit for roll up windows.  Will do Upper and Lower of Both Doors, 4 pieces. If you have sliding windows, see below  $82kit

8393, Scout 80 Door Seals. This is the Deluxe Kit for the early Scouts that have sliding windows in the door, priced as a pair. If you have roll up windows, see above  $69pr

382942C1 Scout 80 800 Side Glass & Rear Window Lift Gate Seal,  $42ea

266310C2-8138SW, Scout 80/800 Windshield Seal  $79ea

303648C1, Scout 80/800 Top to Windshield Frame Seal. Will work for Travel Tops, Sport Tops and 1/2 Cab Tops. This is self adhesive with 7 holes pre-punched. Early Scout 80's will require new holes punched  as they only have 5 holes.  $29ea

 892852R1, Scout 80/800 Top to Quarter Panel (body) Seal. These work for Scouts that have the Travel Top or Sport Top, WILL NOT work for the 1/2 Cab Top. Sold as a pair to do both sides  $69pr

 8138SR, Scout 80 (1961-65) Rear Liftgate Window Seal  $49ea

8372-8138, Scout 800 (1965-71) Rear Liftgate Window Seal  $56ea

8174-342, 1961-65 Scout 80, Liftgate to Tailgate Seal. This is attached to the bottom of the liftgate.  $21ea

  8355-303, Scout 80/800 Door Window Seals (anti-rattlers) Similar to the door fuzzies above but no felt attached. You will have to attached these with wire (not supplied) position and drill the small holes. 4 piece kit  $29kit

867287R2, Scout 80/800 Fuel Tank Shield Seal.  This will help prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the fuel tank area and eliminate metal to metal contact between the shield and the quarter panel.  $9ea

684445R9265 Scout 80 800 Door Fuzzies Kit for your Scout htat has roll-up windows. Does Both Doors, 4 piece kit  $89kit