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472518C3  Liftgate Shock, for Fiberglass Top on Scout Traveler,  $65ea
357981C1, NOS Strut. Listed in Parts Manuals MT-122 & MT-129, ONE only,  $49ea
395914C2, NOS Scout II Liftgate Support Assy. (Left) Only a few left,  $69ea
506113C2, NOS Strut, I could not find this part in my Master Parts Index. 1 only. $59ea

  IT114 1961-71 IH Scout 80/800 Cardboard Glove Box Liner.  $29ea

230915R91, IT106 1971-80 Scout II, Terra & Traveler Cardboard Glove Box Liner, $29ea
IT105 1965-68 IH PU & TA,  $29ea
862070R91 Wiper Motor Left, 862071R91 Right Motor. Scout 80/800
394120C91 Windshield Washer Tank. This item is Used but has the IH embossed into the tank, An original piece in very good condition.  $45ea
400356C1 Windshiels Washer Tank COVER (cap) New (aftermarket) or Used (original)  $5ea
404618C1 NOS Windshield Washer PUMP  $35ea
404617C1 Windshield Washer Pump GROMMET  $2ea
404621C1 Windsheild Washer Pump FILTER  $8
437704C1 Rad Overflow Tank (Reservoir) This item is used but in excellent condition~!  $55ea
437702C1 NOS Rad Overflow Tank CAP $20ea   Aftermarket Cap (black) $12  Used Orginal Cap  $8
358661C91 (395894C91, 395854C91) NOS Door Handle, Left (Drivers)  $75ea
287665C91, NOS Door Handle, Right (Passenger)  $35ea
330411C1 NOS Door Knob Lock Standard, Scout II, P/U & T/A  $4ea
RM5961, Headliner Clips, Typical of clips found in 1930's - 1960's Trucks.  $1ea
RM1256 Clips, Usually used as Grille or Moulding Stainless Clips.  $1ea
162300R1  NOS Window Latch for Scout80/800, 70's P/U & T/A & Loadstar  $35ea
435784C1 NOS Vent Window Latch, Scout II. Left.  $30ea
435785C1  NOS Vent Window Latch, Scout II, Right,  $30ea
424476C1 Side Sliding Glass Lock Scout II, $29 USD.
395924C1 Liftgate "T" Handle USED $79- $99 USD (need to be re-keyed or we can supply lock cylinder and keys for $15.
CC31114POL Ignition Switch, 1955-73 P/U, T/A, Scout 80/800 and Travelette. Replaces 344688R91,365675C91,167603R91 and 429048C1. $29 USD.
421530C1  Ignition Lock Switch for All Scout II, 1974 & 75 P/U & Travelall $24ea
SL26172  Door & Ignition Lock Sets: Includes a liftgate & two door locks and ignition switch. For EARLY Scout II's (build date 1971 - 9/1977)  $65ea
SL26173  Door & Ignition Lock Sets: Includes a liftgate & two door locks and ignition switch.  is for LATE Scout II's (built after Sept. 1977)  $65ea
86625R91  Door Cylinder Lock with keys. For Scout 80/800 and EARLY Scout II (built prior to 9-77) AND 1960's - 70's pickups and travelalls.  $15ea
862106R2  Inside Door Handle, Scout 80/800 & 1960's Pickup and Travelall.   $29ea                     

874053R91  Window Crank Handle, Scout 80/800 & 1960's P/U and T/A. ,  $29ea

361974C1  Escutcheon, Door & window crank handle seal for Scout 80/800 & 1960's P/U & T/A ,  $39ea USD
286578C1  NOS Door Window Crank Handle Gasket (also used as a pivot washer on Scout II seat bases)  $2ea
475196C1  NOS Door Window Crank Handle (Fancy Style) Scout II, 69-74 P/U & T/A, "S" Series Truck,  $65ea
1649776C1 NOS Door Window Crank Handle (Fancy BLACK Style) Scout II, 69-74 P/U & T/A, "S" Series Truck,  $75ea
395948C1 NOS Door Window Crank Handle, Scout II, P/U & T/A,  $55ea
19011 (Black) & 19012 (Chrome) Window Crank Repair Knobs,  $5ea
341803C2, Interior Door Handle, Left, Scout II, USED but Excellent!  $45ea
341804C2, NOS Interior Door Handle, Right, Scout II,  $60ea
337697C94, NOS Door Striker, Scout II, 69-75 P/U & T/A, Left,  $40ea
437812C94  NOS Scout II, 60's & 70's P/U & T/A  LEFT Door Latch (395633C92 will work)  $95ea
437812C94  Scout II, 60's & 70's P/U & T/A  LEFT Door Latch (395633C92 will work) BEAD BLASTED (used)  $55ea
437813C94  NOS Scout II, 60's & 70's P/U & T/A  RIGHT Door Latch (395634C92 will work)  $95ea
437813C94  Scout II, 60's & 70's P/U & T/A  RIGHT Door Latch (395634C92 will work) BEAD BLASTED (used)  $55ea
498004C2, NOS Latch (left & right)  $30pair
NOS Latch, no part number,  $15ea
NOS Latches, no part number,  $30 for all three
NOS Latch, Trimark, 11656 & 11657 (left & right)  $25pair
NOS Latch, Trimark, 11863 & 11866 (left & right)  $25pair
416751C3, Scout II, Terra & Traveler Hood Latch, BEAD BLASTED (used)  $45ea
1969-75 P/U & T/A Hood Latch, BEAD BLASTED (used)  $45ea
473967C2 Scout Traveler Lift Gate Latch, BEAD BLASTED (used)  $35ea
395953C1 NOS Scout II Liftgate Latch,  $45ea
Emergency Brake Control Knob, Black,  $7ea
Emergency Brake Control Knob, Chrome,  $7ea
Door Hinge Scout 80/800. Please specify which hinge you want, Right Upper, Rt Lower, Left Upper, Lt Lower. These are extremely well made!  $79 each,  $150 pr.
395976C1?  Door Hinge Pins with grease grooves.  $16ea

Scout II, Terra & Traveler Window Regulator.  $175ea

162210R1, Door Window Regulator Clip, For all Scout 80/800, Scout II, Loadstar, P/U & T/A (fits the above regulator) 2 clips required per side.  $2ea
180245C1, NOS CLIP   $.50ea
395892C1 Speed Nut used on Scout II to attach front fender to inner fender. RESTORED (bead blasted, primered & painted)  $12ea

After Market Speed Nut (U-nut) 5/16" Thread,  $2ea

1010 Sliding Glass Window Latch Screws $14 USD